Sunday, January 04, 2009


Sorry folks but not a lot of posting lately. Been doing quite a bit of traveling around recently which means spotty internet access. Probably won't be back at it all for a while. It's cool though, keeps me busy.

Anyway, I've been trying out a few things with my camera lately, some quite abstract. Here are a couple of them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures (and re-appearing!). I really like the first one. I guess my taste in art isn't refined enough to appreciate the last two though- abstract art is something I've never quite "gotten".

Bag Blog said...

I like the first photo, too. As an artist, one "rule" is to not center your subject matter. Rules are made to be broken, but you might try it. My daughter has done some artsy photos on her blog that you might like Your last photo gives me a sense of speed. Interesting.