Sunday, October 26, 2008


Thanks to all you folks who are still around. I was kind of worried nobody would care anymore. What's that old anti-war saying about what if you hosted a war and no one showed up...

So yeah, um, Afghanistan, yeah. Well, I'm involved in the contracting process here. Basically myself and a few other people contract local companies to build schools, roads, clinics and the like. It is a very dichotomous experience. For those of you about to look that word up it means that there are two equal parts to it. It is both extremely rewarding and extremely frustrating at the same time.

It's very rewarding when a project is finished and the people are grateful for it. Especially schools or orphanages. Unfortunately it frequently happens that you finish a project and a week later the locals are complaining that it's not good enough or that Ahmed the villager thinks he is an engineer and says that a building made of stone, cement and rebar is going to fall in after a stiff breeze. That aspect of it is endlessly frustrating. Some of these villages are full of the most selfish ungrateful people I've ever met in my life. However some are full of some of the most beautiful people I've ever met.

I have very little sympathy for most of the adults here. They choose to continue a life of hate and violence. However, my heart breaks for the kids. They don't choose this life. They just have to live it.

When I first got here I would take lots of pictures of the scenery because it really is beautiful. It reminds me of parts of Utah and Arizona. However, I find that I hardly ever take pictures of the scenery any more. Now almost every picture I take is of a kid. Unfortunately I broke my camera the other day so I am picture-less until this gets here.

Oh well enough rambling. Here is one of my favorite pictures that I have taken since getting here.

Thanks for showing up guys and gals.


Anonymous said...

That's a nice looking camera. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are able to take with it.

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 10/27/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

membrain said...

I found out abouy you blog from who got the word from abwf above. I had no idea that recruiting was such lousy assignment.

I'm glad to hear that things are going better for you now. Stay as safe as you can. Thanks for sharing.

American Infidel said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I'm very thankful I did.

I've wondered what it's like dealing with the Afghan adults and I've been so concerned for the children there. Everyone I know that has been to Afghanistan also speak about the kids and the violence they endure. The sad thing is knowing that some of the older kids hearts are already indoctrinated into the violent mindset, but the younger kids...these are the hearts that will remember y'alls kindness and also the difference between the violent hearts and those Americans with kind and loving hearts.

Anonymous said...

Stay safe, welcome back and you go, boy

kickinit said...

Hi I came across your blog through (its the first blog I ever read, behind the times huh :)..
I just want to say that I am so happy you have come to a place of peace with everything and how encouraging you have been. I cant wait to see your pictures soon and hope you continue to blog - your doing great work over there and its the kids who will most be molded by it, as we all know adults can get stuck in a train of thought. God Bless!!

Lisa in DC said...

Here by way of Mudville Gazette...

Thanks for what you do and for sharing (gotta go read your old posts now!). The world does many things in the name of children - somehow many forget that aspect of what y'all are doing in Afghanistan.


Politics of a Patriot said...


I came across this blog because, um, I know you. Yeah. And you told me.

But I love that pic... I'm glad you're back. So glad you're doing better.

MSiegelUSMC said...

hows it goin. i am currently a Marine DEP Poolee. id like to subscribe to your blog but im new to the whole blog concept. can ya fill me in on what i should know.
seper fi

Bag Blog said...

I just came to your blog via I have been a Soldiers Angel and supporter of milblogs for several years now, and I just earmarked your blog. I am looking forward to your posts and pictures.

Your thought a few posts back, "I firmly believe that we decide who we love." struck me as very wise. People often say things like "we can't help whom we fall in love with..." I think that is very unwise and often ends sadly. I pray for your continued growth in wisdom and for your safety in time of war.